Flexiband grafting rubber


Elastic material especially developed for use with all kinds of grafts.

Does not strangle the graft. Regulates pressure on the graft and does not need readjusting.

Completely biodegradable. The tie breaks off on its own after 2-3 weeks (depending on the weather conditions). If the tie is needed for longer, solvent-free wax can be applied.

Standard Flexiband
For grafting citrus fruit, stone fruit and pip fruit trees and all types of ornamental plants. Elastic material with good weather resistance.

MEASUREMENTS (length * width in mm)
100x3.5 / 120x3.5 / 140x3.5 / 140x6.0 / 160x6.0 / 180x6.0 / 200x6.0 / 220x6.0 / 240x6.0 / 240x8.0

Flexiband, especially designed for chip bud grafting
The elastic rubber is wider and thinner than usual.

MEASUREMENTS (length * width in mm)
200x15  / 200x20 / 240x20

Packaging details