Crop covers and netting:

H/V Support netting


Netting designed to support climbing plants and vegetables while they are growing.

Thanks to better air circulation and better light exposure, plants grow stronger and straighter and fruit matures and ripens quicker. Increased yield. 

Cleaner and straighter crops, making pruning and harvesting work easier.

Recommended for all types of vegetables and cane fruit.

Made of agrochemical- and ultraviolet radiation-resistant polypropylene.


The same concept but used horizontally. Very useful for growing flowers.

Allows better use of the soil surface. Optimises plant development and distribution, allowing flowers to grow straighter and more uniformly.

Makes it easier to pick the flowers.

Lightweight, strong and easy-to-use netting. Can be adapted to all varieties of flower thanks to the multiple measurements available and the ability to create various levels (platforms).

Extruded polypropylene
   Vertical  1 m /  1,18 m / 1,52 m / 1,6 m / 1,69 m / 2,03 m
   Horizontal: 0,6 m / 0,75 m / 0,9 m / 1 m / 1,05 m / 1,22 m
Roll length: 500 y 1.000 metros
Mesh size vertical support netting: 12,5*12,5 cm, 15*17 cm, 20*20 cm
Mesh size horizontal support netting: 7,5*7,5 cm, 10*10 cm, 12,5*12,5 cm, 15*15 cm, 20*20 cm
Weight: 9 g/m2
Color:  green, white, cristal, black
UV protection: 250 KLy

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