Twin-wall tree shelter that provides a greenhouse effect, specially designed for use in forestry plantations. It promotes plant establishment and protects plants from mechanical actions and physical damage caused by animals.

Solid tree shelter that is quick and easy to install with or without stakes (for heights greater than 60 cm, we recommend always using a stake)

Made of polypropylene with UV stabiliser and designed to provide a minimum life span of 5 years; however, in less sunny areas, it may provide a life span of 7 or 8 years.

Available in two models: the VENTILATED tree shelter is ideal for plants requiring greater ventilation, and the SOLID tree shelter is recommended for an increased greenhouse effect.

It has a laserline, which distinguishes it from other tree shelters on the market, to ensure that the tube splits if the diameter of the trunk exceeds the diameter of the shelter before it degrades.

Flared top rim to prevent abrasion to the plant stem.

Reinforced tie or strapping attachment point.

Polypropylene with UV stabiliser
Height: 50 cm, 60 cm, 75 cm, 90 cm and 120 cm
Diameter: 7.6 cm - 10.5 cm (nests of 5)
Colour: green or brown
Ventilated or solid
Anti-abrasion flared top rim
Tie or strapping attachment points with reinforced strip (see available accessories under “Strapping material”)

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