Crop covers and netting:

Anti-bird netting

Netting used as a barrier to prevent birds from damaging crops (by pecking, spreading disease, etc.). Increases yield and reduces losses.

Can be used across large open areas, over seedbeds and in greenhouses. Allows light, air and rain to reach the plants.

Strong, lightweight and heavy duty, designed to be used for several years.

Especially recommended for fruit-bearing trees, vines and plants (strawberries, blueberries) and sunflowers.

Virgin-grade polypropylene
Mesh size: 10x10 mm, 13x13 mm or 16x19 mm
Width: seamless up to 6.10 m
Length: 500 m, 1.000 m and 1.525 m
Weight: 14 g/m2
Black color
UV protection: 720 KLy

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