Protective nets:


Open, spiral tree guard (self-wrapping)

Mesh designed to protect lignified stems. Once wrapped around the plant stem, it regains its spiral shape. Flexible and expandable, it opens as the stem grows and thickens, without damaging the plant.

Excellent protection from damage caused by abrasion and animals. It is especially recommended for olive trees, fruit trees, hedging and forestry species.

It is quick and easy to install without stakes or other accessories.

Do not wrap or unwrap the mesh at low temperatures.

3 x 3 mm mesh
Nominal diameter*:  5 cm, 10 cm and 15 cm
Height: 55 cm, 80 cm and 110 cm
Weight: 106 g/lm
Colour: black

*The nominal diameter is the maximum trunk diameter that the mesh can efficiently protect

Packaging details

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