Autoclaved pine:

Rustic pine posts

Rustic posts are whole pine trunks that have been peeled and autoclave impregnated.

Once the posts have been peeled, they are then air-dried and autoclaved using a vacuum and pressure cycle to impregnate them with water-soluble salts.
The salts retained in the timber protect the posts from premature decay caused by fungi and insects, considerably extending their life span.

We apply class IV and IV (SP) impregnation, which is suitable for timber that is in contact with the ground and permanently exposed to wetting.

Thanks to the reduced levels of machining, rustic posts retain the structure of the wood and are stronger than the same diameter of machine-turned posts. The surface is less uniform and posts are not the same diameter along their entire length.

Posts can be made with or without a 4-way point.

Multiple applications:
  • Trellises and hail protection structures at fruit tree plantations
  • Construction of fencing
  • Trellises at vineyards

See the most common heights and diameters on the specification sheet.

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