Range of twin-wall tree and vine shelters that provide a greenhouse effect, specially designed for use with vine and olive tree plantations.

Solid, non-ventilated tubes that are quick and easy to install with or without stakes. They offer excellent protection from mechanical actions, physical damage caused by rodents and accidental contact with foliar-applied herbicides.

Each detail of the tree and vine shelter is designed to improve the initial establishment of the plants and subsequent growth. Optimal diameters to promote leader growth with fewer side shoots. The micro-climate created inside the shelter accelerates initial growth and improves survival rates. The flared top rim prevents abrasion to the plant stem.

For crops requiring increased ventilation, it is possible to manufacture VENTILATED TUBEX Ecovine/Ecolivo.

The Ecolivo model includes a laserline (line of laser-generated perforations) to ensure that the tube splits if the diameter of the olive tree trunk exceeds the diameter of the tree shelter before it degrades.

Tubex standard models are made of polypropylene with UV stabiliser to make them strong and reusable.
One sustainable, biodegradable and economically viable alternative is TUBEX Ecovine/Ecolivo BIO, which includes starch polymers in its composition. Initial oxo-biodegradation of the starch accelerates photodegradation of the polypropylene, converting both polymers into completely biodegradable material. This product guarantees a minimum of three years protection.

Polypropylene with UV stabiliser (TUBEX Ecovine/Ecolivo standard)
Oxo-biodegradable polypropylene combined with bio-polymers (TUBEX Ecovine/Ecolivo BIO)
Height: 40 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm, 60 cm and 75 cm
Diameter: 7.1 cm - 8.6 cm (nests of 4)
Colour: green
Anti-abrasion flared top rim
Ventilated or solid
Laserline in the Ecolivo model

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