Posts and stakes:

Acacia posts and piquets

False acacia (Robinia pseudoacacia) is a type of timber with excellent hardness and elasticity properties. Its natural resistance to decay makes it ideal for outdoor use: false acacia has a long life span without needing any type of treatment.

False acacia POSTS are young, peeled trunks. They have irregularities that are part of the natural growth of the tree.

PIQUETS are made by cutting the trunks radially. They can be made by cutting the trunks with a saw or splitting them with a wedge.
Split pegs retain the structure of the timber. Their appearance is more rustic but they are stronger since the natural fibres of the wood are not altered.

Both products are 4-way pointed.

Thanks to its increased hardness and tenacity, false acacia pegs and posts are excellent for building rustic fences and trellises.

Natural, untreated false acacia wood is also ideal for organic crops.

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