TUBEX EQUILIBRIO is the result of research conducted by Tubex in collaboration with INRA (French Institute for Agricultural Research) to optimise growth conditions within the shelter: temperature, ventilation, relative humidity, CO2 concentration and amount of light penetration.

A CONTROLLED AERATION SYSTEM has been achieved thanks to specially sized and positioned ventilation holes in the lower part of the shelter. This aeration system maintains the optimal CO2 concentration within the shelter and reduces the transpiration rate of the plant. The tree shelter is permeable at the wavelengths that promote photosynthesis.

With this new generation of Tubex shelters, plants develop twice the amount of biomass as unprotected seedlings. These tree shelters help minimize damage caused by grazing animals and make new plantations compatible with farming practices.

Designed for use with a stake, this shelter provides support and protection to the plant for several years until it degrades. It promotes natural pruning and optimal tree stock growth and is excellent in plantations aiming to produce high-quality timber. It is recommended that a wooden stake should be used with the shelter to prevent damaging the tree trunk.

It has a laserline, which distinguishes it from other tree shelters on the market, to ensure that the tube splits if the diameter of the trunk exceeds the diameter of the shelter before it degrades.

Flared top rim to prevent abrasion to the plant stem.

The shelter is reinforced at the attachment points. It comes with pre-fitted ties that are specially designed for easy release if the shelter needs lifting.

Polypropylene with UV stabiliser
Height: 120 cm, 150 cm, 180 cm and 200 cm
Diameter: 82-92-101-110-119 mm (nests of 5)
Colour: green
Anti-abrasion flared top rim
Reinforced strip at the attachment points
Releasable ties

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