Tubex Large Diameter is a shelter specially designed to protect shrubs used for landscaping and garden restoration projects.

It is a strong, large-diameter shelter that is ideal for bushy plants. See diameters available under “Specifications”

Excellent protection from herbicides and rodents.

Thanks to its solid, twin-wall construction, it promotes and increases plant growth, creating better coverage in less time.

Quick and easy to install. Fitted with ties to allow attachment to a stake.

It can perform a “watering” function to allow irrigation for plant establishment.

Using pine bark mulch outside and/or inside the shelter can provide effective and aesthetic protection from weeds.

Polypropylene with UV stabiliser
Height: 60 cm and 75 cm
LARGE DIAMETER: 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 cm diameter, nests of 4
SUPER LARGE DIAMETER: 15.8 - 17.2 - 18.6 - 20 cm, nests of 4
Colour: green or brown ochre
Anti-abrasion flared top rim
Tie or strapping attachment points
Built-in releasable ties

Packaging details

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