Autoclaved pine:

Machine-turned pine posts

Posts made of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) and Corsican pine (Pinus nigra). Both are slow-growing species and provide high-density timber. They are sourced from forests on the Iberian Peninsula.

The timber is first machine-turned to remove the bark and give the timber a uniform cylindrical shape. The machine-turned posts are then air-dried and autoclaved using a vacuum and pressure cycle to impregnate them with water-soluble salts.
The salts retained in the timber protect the posts from premature decay caused by fungi and insects, considerably extending their life span.

We apply class IV and IV (SP) impregnation, which is suitable for timber that is in contact with the ground and permanently exposed to wetting.

The use of uniform, resistant, machine-turned posts is especially recommended for landscaping and civil engineering projects for which aesthetic finish is an important factor.

Posts can be made with or without a 4-way point.

Packaging details