Accessories for fences:



Range of tensioners made of zinc alloy offering maximum corrosion resistance. Patented system.
Ideal for joining and tensioning all types of wires used on vine and tree trellises and for fencing.

They are very quick and easy to use and apply tension to the wire in one step.

Single-channel Gripple: for tensioning ends of trellis and fencing wire

Two-channel Gripple: for subsequently tensioning the joining of two line wires


Range of tensioners made of zinc alloy offering excellent mechanical strength properties. Patented system.
Can be used for all types of wire tensioning and joining work: trellises, fencing, etc.

Different models:

MX1 - Termination tensioner (1 channel)
Designed to tie-off and tension trellis and fencing wires. It acts as an end stop: the wire advances in one direction and locks in the opposite direction.

MX2 – Tensioner with two openings in opposite directions to apply tension after joining two line wires (2 channels)  It also allows accidental wire cuts to be repaired.

MX3 – Tensioner to terminate double line wires.
Quick to install without tools, nuts or screws. Universal for all types of metal posts.


Tensioner made of galvanised steel.
Tensioning and joining of all types of wire used for trellises and fencing.
Economical, releasable.

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