Tubex Envolvente VARIFIX

Tubex Envolvente VARIFIX is a TWIN-WALL, SPLIT, WRAP-AROUND protector, made of polypropylene with UV stabilizer.

Designed to be secured to the soil with the aid of a metal rod (maximum diameter of the rod: 3,5 mm)

Especially recommended for plantations where the plant is small in size and in windy areas where stronger fixing is required. Perfect solution for FRUIT TREE plantations.

Ease and comfort in installing and in removing to do post-plantation tasks.

Polypropylene with UV stabiliser
Twin wall with an extra large cell (prepared for a metal rod with maximum diameter of 3,5 mm)
Height: 35 cm  (please, ask for other available heights)
Diameter: 6.5 cm expanding to 8 cm
Colour: green
Compact and versatile
Economical and easy to use
Smooth top rim

Packaging details