Tubex greenhouse mesh

TUBEX GREENHOUSE MESH is a range of high-quality tree shelters that combines the features of netting with the rigidity and greenhouse effect of a tube.

Its use and installation is very similar to that of any tree shelter.

The 12-mm mesh netting is lined with a THIN CLEAR POLYETHYLENE FILM, designed to degrade within 2 to 3 years. The tree shelter acts as an individual greenhouse for the first few years of plant growth. Once the film has degraded, a rigid netting tree shelter is left that continues to offer protection from mechanical damage. Life span of approximately 7 years.

Ideal for the establishment, training and final development of plants that require greater levels of light penetration.

Provided with a flared top rim to prevent abrasion to the plant stem.

Use of a wooden stake is recommended.

Recycled polymer mesh structure lined with clear polyethylene film
12 x 12 mm mesh netting
Height: 45 cm, 60 cm, 75 cm, 90 cm, 120 cm, 150 cm and 180 cm
Diameter: 8 cm - 11 cm (nests of 4)
Colour: green
Anti-abrasion flared top rim
Releasable ties: 1 tie on heights of 45 cm and 60 cm and 2 ties on all other heights

Packaging details

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