Crop covers and netting:

Weed control mat

Weed control mat made of a very strong cloth used to cover the ground in fields and greenhouses.

Prevents weeds from growing, saving costs due to weed control labour.

Reduces evaporation and keeps soil around the roots moist during dry spells. Also reduces watering frequency by up to 30%. Considerable savings on fertilisers.

When used with hydroponic systems, prevents puddles and dust, allowing farmers to achieve cleaner and more desirable products.

Keeps greenhouses cleaner by stopping weeds from spreading.

Strong fabric that withstands the weight of wheelbarrows and small vehicles.

Especially recommended for use around fruit-bearing trees, shrubs and vines (blueberries, avocados, etc.).

Woven polypropylene fabric with UV stabiliser
Roll width: up to 5.30 m
Roll length: 100, 200 and 500 m
Weight: 90, 100 and 130 g/m2
Colour: black, green, white
UV protection: 600 kLy

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