Tying material:

Anchor ties

Ties made of rubber elastomer with an anchor-shaped hook. They are strong and durable and withstand the weight of the vegetation and the force of the wind. Thanks to their high degree of elasticity, they prevent strangulation and allow the plant to grow.

Very easy to use and reuse, recommended for all types of hand tying. The main applications are:
- Tying to vine trellising
- Tying to stakes, at olive and fruit tree plantations

We offer 4 models of ties:
  • PLUS: maximum strength and resistance
  • EXTRA: high strength and resistance, excellent quality-price ratio
  • LIGHT: economical tie, not as strong and with shorter life span. Generally only available for the No. 5 tie.
  • SUPER ELASTIC: high resistance, high degree of elasticity and long life span

Packaging details

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